How to submit a case

The below table shows which applications can be submitted via NFI Online or MTE.

Types of application table
Types of application How applications can be generated
NFI Online MTE
Purchase* Yes Yes
Remortgage Yes Yes
Interest only (new borrowing) Yes No
Additional borrowing (further advance) Yes No
Shared Ownership Yes Yes
Deposit Unlock Yes No
Helping Hand (First time buyer with standard ownership) Yes No
Unencumbered Remortgage Yes Yes
Right to Buy Yes Yes
Second Property applications* Yes Yes
Applications with other mortgages in the background, including unencumbered properties Yes Yes
More than 3 addresses in the last 3 years Yes Yes
Applications for loans of £1m or more Yes Yes
Non-EEA foreign nationals with indefinite leave to remain in the UK Yes Yes
Non-EEA foreign nationals without indefinite leave to remain in the UK Yes Yes
Equity Share purchase Yes Yes
Portable products Yes No
Armed Forces purchase application, which is being let from inception** Yes Yes
Nationwide Building Society staff/pensioners Yes Yes
Genuine Bargain Price Yes Yes
Rate Switch (Existing borrower) Yes No
Restricted Resale Price Yes Yes

*Where your client has, or will have on completion, only one mortgaged property, standard LTV limits will apply. Maximum 85% LTV will continue to apply if the client will own two or more mortgaged properties on completion and must be keyed as a Second Property application, even if the property being purchased will be your client’s main residence.

**This includes applications where armed forces personnel don't have a UK address and are looking to include a BFPO postcode. Where your client can't provide UK address history, the Ministry of Defence BFPO postcode that corresponds to their barracks can be keyed.