Borrowing criteria

Purposes of loan - What Nationwide will lend for

As well as borrowing for the purchase of a home, your client may borrow extra money:

  • Additional borrowing with a remortgage
  • Borrowing on a mortgage free property

The purpose of the borrowing must be detailed in full on the mortgage application form.

Nationwide can lend for the following:

Home improvement purposes

  • Structural home improvements
  • Non-structural home improvements
  • Buy final share in shared ownership
  • Buy additional share in shared ownership
  • Buy a share in a freehold
  • Buy freehold or new extended lease
  • Buy land to extend security (current property)

Non-home improvement purposes

Loans can be used for non-home improvement purposes, or a combination of home improvements and non-home improvements, up to 90% LTV only.

  • Buy land and/or property separate from security - current property*
  • Repay unsecured debts (up to 80% LTV)
  • Other personal consumption
  • Pay off second charge (up to 80% LTV if not Help to Buy)
  • Buy out partner's interest (non-borrower)

*The land and/or property can't be for the purpose of letting.


Remortgages include capital raising on a mortgage free property.

We do not accept remortgage applications for:

  • Partially built properties
  • Partially completed barn conversions
  • Building plots
  • Let properties

Please see our Remortgage page for LTV borrowing limits.

Shared Ownership and Right to Buy

Additional borrowing for debt consolidation is not permitted.

Subsequent additional borrowing

Subsequent additional borrowing is available via our direct channels only, customers should be directed to their nearest Nationwide branch, or Subsequent additional borrowing applications cannot be accepted if less than 6 months have passed since the date of completion of the main loan, or if the mortgaged property is being let out.

To submit the case on NFI Online or MTE the LTV must be within maximum lending limits based on the current value.

Second property

Nationwide can consider lending for the following second property uses:

  • Holiday homes in the UK or abroad (where the property being purchased is abroad, the loan must be secured on a property in the UK).
  • Second homes due to work location (Pied a terre).
  • Accommodation for wholly dependent relatives.
  • A new main residence where the applicant wishes to let their existing property rather than sell it. For more information on the Let to Buy process with our subsidiary brand The Mortgage Works, visit our Buy to Let / Let to Buy page.

Nationwide will not consider for the following second property uses:

  • Capital raising against a main residence to purchase a 'buy to let' i.e. remortgage with additional borrowing, subsequent additional borrowing or raising capital against a mortgage free property.
  • Properties that will be wholly let from inception.
  • Properties occupied on lifetime tenancies and properties purchased or remortgaged from relative(s) with continuing occupancy may be unacceptable.
  • Properties that are only likely to be suitable as holiday homes.
  • Time Shares.
  • Mobile Homes.

Affordability figure needs to cover all mortgages that will be outstanding at the time of completion, please also see clients with additional properties.

Where your client has, or will have on completion, only one mortgaged property, standard LTV limits will apply. Maximum 85% LTV will continue to apply if the client will own two or more mortgaged properties on completion and will be treated as a Second Property application, even if the property being purchased or remortgaged will be your client’s main residence.

For information about products please see our products, loan size and maximum LTV criteria.