Registering with Nationwide For Intermediaries

Step 1: To place business with Nationwide For Intermediaries (NFI), you first need to register your details with MTE. Here, you'll set up your password (please use only letters and numbers) and PIN. Once complete, your User ID will display on the screen and will also be sent to you in a confirmation email.

Step 2: Two hours after you receive your confirmation email from MTE, you can use your new details to log in to NFI Online. When you log in for the first time, you'll be invited to complete your registration. We'll update our records within 48 working hours following the submission of your registration and you'll receive a confirmation email once this has been approved. You'll then be able to log in and submit cases through NFI Online.

If you also place Buy to Let business: When registering with NFI, you’ll also be able to register with The Mortgage Works (TMW), our Buy to Let subsidiary. If you choose to register with TMW, you'll receive a separate email asking you to create a password for TMW Online. Once this has been created, you’ll be able to log in and submit cases through TMW Online.

For help with completing your registration, please see our Keying Guide

Please note: if you’re already registered with NFI or TMW and would like to register for the additional brand, please select ‘Both’ when answering the ‘Which brand(s) are you registering for’ question.

Amending your existing registration details

  • Log in to NFI Online
  • Select 'Manage my details'
  • Select the tab you need: 'Personal details', 'Company details' or 'Submission routes'

Making changes to your personal details

  • To update your individual details such as telephone number, email address or office address, select the 'Personal Details' tab.
  • To change your name, please contact our Registrations team via Broker Chat.

Making changes to your company details

  • To update your address (which is included on Mortgage Illustrations and Offers) select the 'Company details' tab.
  • To advise us of a change of company, or if you amend your FCA number, you'll need to complete a new registration by following the above steps.
  • To advise us of a change of principal (but your company’s FCA number has not changed), you’ll need to complete a new registration.

Registering with more than one company or adding a mortgage club

Registering with a firm you were registered with previously

If you're re-joining a company you've previously worked for, you'll need to register again with MTE. Once you've completed this, you’ll need to complete your registration with NFI or The Mortgage Works by following a different registration process.

Assign or unassign an administrator

  • Log in to NFI Online, select 'Manage my details' and select the ‘Relationships’ tab (you’ll be able to see any office administrators currently linked to the same company record under the ‘Current Relationships’ section).
  • Select ‘View my administrators’.
  • To assign an administrator to you, highlight the relevant name in the ‘Office Administrators available to be assigned’ field and select ‘Assign’ followed by ‘Update’.

Your administrator will now be able to see any cases submitted by you AFTER this link has been created. They won’t be able to see any cases submitted prior to this link being created.

If your administrator is not showing, please email us at where we'll be able to assist you.

  • To unassign an administrator to you, highlight the relevant name in the ‘Office Administrators currently assigned’ and select ‘End Assignment’ followed by ‘Update’.