Providing proofs

When applying for a mortgage with us, we may ask to see some proofs to help us confirm your clients' information such as:

  • Your clients' name and address
  • How much they earn
  • Proof of their deposit
Please don’t submit proofs we haven’t asked for, as this may delay the progress of your case.

You can provide these proofs on NFI Online once you’ve submitted your client’s application. To speed up your application, make sure to get these proofs ready beforehand so you can attach the requirements straightaway.

Please submit copies or scans of the original documents. Photos are acceptable, but must be submitted as a PDF, TIF or a JPEG.

Read our Scanned documents page to understand how a scanning app could help save you some time.

Here are some details about the documents we'll need and what we're looking for, but we may ask for other documents depending on your client's circumstances.

Sending your proofs to us:

  • You can attach your required documents to NFI Online
  • We accept documents in PDF, TIF or JPEG format. Please ensure when uploading, that these aren't password protected.
  • Please don't submit anything we haven't asked for.
  • If you send us anything containing personal data outside of NFI Online, this should be encrypted. Contact us on Broker Chat if you need to do this.

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