Case updates - top tips

  • You can get updates on the progress of your application on the Case Update screen on NFI Online, including a summary of the case requirements, the DIP, valuation, offer and the solicitor's information. You can also view the history of the case and access documents on this screen.
  • Once we’ve received all the case requirements, we’ll aim to complete the assessment within four working days of receipt. We'll contact you if we need any further information. You can check our current service levels below.
  • If you need to make amendments to a submitted case, then please see ‘Amend Case’. Please note all processing will be paused whilst an application status is ‘Amend Case’.

Valuation updates

  • You can check the status and the details of a valuation, including instruction, inspection and the report received dates. This can be found on the Case Update page on NFI Online in the Valuation tab.
  • Valuation reports for all New Build applications can be found on NFI Online. Go to the Case Updates page and then click on the Case Documents tab.
  • In most cases, valuations are instructed when a mortgage application is submitted and we aim to make contact with the access provider on the application within 24 hours.
  • Properties deemed low risk as a result of our property risk assessment, won’t always require a physical valuation.
  • We don't provide copies of basic mortgage valuation reports (except for New Build applications).
  • If you/your client has opted in to text alerts, we’ll send a text to confirm the valuation date once it’s been booked.

Case requirements

  • Ensure you upload all the requested documents as quickly as possible. For more tips on packaging, read our support guide.
  • The case requirements and whether they've been received, can be seen by going to the Case Update page within NFI Online. It'll give you a summary of the application status, the DIP, valuation, offer and the solicitor's information.
  • Please don’t send documents we haven’t requested as it could delay your application. We don’t need you to provide proof of your applicants’ ID unless we've asked for it.
  • Read our Scanned documents page to understand how a scanning app could help save you some time.
  • When a case requirement has been received, it'll appear on the Case Update page under the Case Documents tab.
  • You can check our current service levels here.
  • If your client has debts that will be paid off on or before completion, you’ll still need to declare them in the ‘Monthly Outgoings’ section of the Decision in Principle (DIP). You'll then need to key the amount they'll be paying off.
  • If a bank statement has been requested and the account in question is a Nationwide one, simply complete the Notification for Mortgage New Business form and Scan and Attach to clear the requirement.
  • To attach documents to an outstanding case, log into NFI Online and click the ‘Attach Documents’ link from the ‘Case Home’ page.

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Packaging support guide

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