Coronavirus: Mortgage payment holiday

Due to extremely high volumes of applications right now, it will take us longer to get back to you.

Please don’t call us for an update, this allows us to focus on getting your requests actioned as quickly as possible.

If your client thinks they’ll struggle to make their monthly mortgage payments because of Coronavirus, we can help them by offering our members a 3-month mortgage payment holiday. A mortgage payment holiday is a break from paying their mortgage. It won’t affect their credit rating, so there’s one less thing for them to worry about.

Who can apply for a mortgage payment holiday?

Your client can apply for a mortgage payment holiday if:

  • Their finances have been affected by Coronavirus
  • Have consent from everyone named on the mortgage.

Is a mortgage payment holiday the right option?

It’s important to remember that a mortgage holiday is a temporary break from their mortgage payments, to help them through these uncertain times.

There are a few things to consider before applying for a mortgage payment holiday, to make sure it’s right for their situation:

  • When their payments start again, they’ll be recalculated, and they may see an increase in their monthly payments.
  • The total amount of interest they pay over the term of their mortgage will increase.
  • If they have an overpayment reserve, they could underpay instead.

How long will this mortgage payment holiday be available for?

Your client’s will be able to apply for a mortgage payment holiday until at least 30 April 2020. If they’re not yet sure how much the current situation will impact their finances, or if they’ll be able to keep paying their mortgage, there’s still time to consider the best option.

Apply for a payment holiday

Where we can, we’ll start their payment holiday from their next payment. If their next payment is in the next few days, their payment holiday may start the following month. We’ll confirm the details when we write to them confirming their payment holiday, this will be within 5-7 working days from submitting their application. But, due to high volumes of applications right now, it might take slightly longer.

Your client can apply for a payment holiday by using the application form on

Please bear with us and avoid calling in to check on progress. Rest assured we have your client’s application and they’ll hear from us soon.