Future of Home: Sustainability Spotlight

Introducing the Green homes action group, led by Nationwide

Making the nation’s homes greener can and must be a major part of any transition to net zero. If this is to become a reality, we’ll need to see a wide range of industries (and Government) work together. We need major collaboration in order to deliver the policies and consumer consent needed to meet the UK’s ambitions. That’s why we are developing an action group to tackle some of the key obstacles and opportunities on the path to ‘net zero homes’.

To find out more about other action groups, download the full Future of Home report below.

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Report highlights

Consumers need convincing to green their homes

Unsurprisingly, consumers' environmental concerns have risen by 24% between 2013 and 2020. But while consumers are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint, they've shown mixed signals about decarbonising their homes.

And data shows there is a generation gap, with Gen Z the most interested in greening their homes and having more concern for home producing carbon emissions.

Fair and affordable funding formula key to greening homes

Costs are one of the biggest barriers to green improvements. Consumers simply aren't prioritising green issues in their spending.

It is therefore essential that a fair and affordable formula for sharing the costs between consumers and the taxpayer is found if we are to achieve widespread improvements.

Better together: public & private sector collaboration to net zero

If we can harness the power of government and the private sector, greening our homes presents as many opportunities as challenges. With this in mind, collaboration will provide opportunities for the development of new technologies and creation of a retrofit industry with more jobs and skills.

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How we're helping with Green Additional Borrowing

We've made it easier to go green. Our lowest additional borrowing rates are available to help your clients make energy efficient home improvements and help us move towards a net zero world.

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