Valuations update

We’re on track to complete valuations for applicants or vendors of properties placed on hold for a physical valuation by 12 June.

Where we’ve been unable to make any contact, we’ve either left a message or sent a text to the applicant or vendor/estate agent. Before calling us regarding valuations please:

  • Contact the person or office whose details you provided for access to the property and ask them to respond to any messages
  • Check the access details and let us know if there's an alternative number to call. If there are changes to access details, please email us at quoting the application number, first line of address and postcode
  • Please also let us know if your client isn't proceeding with their mortgage application by emailing:

NFI applications:

Please remember that physical valuations are only currently possible for properties in England. We’re awaiting further guidance regarding Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and until then we’ll continue completing desktop assessments where possible.

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