Supporting you and your New Build clients

From Monday 11 November, we're simplifying the financial incentives we'll accept.

Making it easier to do business

  • We'll accept all builder financial incentives on standard purchases (cashback and builders deposits remain unacceptable on Help to Buy applications).
  • All financial incentives declared in Section 7 of the UKF Disclosure form will be added together to calculate the total value of financial incentives.
  • There'll be a 15% limit on the total value of financial incentives on standard purchases (5% limit remains for Help to Buy).

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Dedicated New Build support

If you need help with lending criteria for New Build mortgage applications, you can talk to our dedicated New Build Support team. They're on hand to answer your questions about:

  • New or urgent cases
  • Help with any technical enquiries
  • Half-year/year end support
  • Sites nearing exposure limits

The team is available from 9.30am-6pm Mondays and 9am-6pm Tuesday-Friday (except bank holidays). Feel free to contact them on:

Tel: 0800 085 2245