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Changes to their income

If your client’s income has changed because of coronavirus, you'll need to let us know how much income they'll receive.

Read our income criteria

Mortgage offers

Where your client is purchasing a New Build property and the offer is due to expire, you can request an offer extension – subject to eligibility criteria and confirmation that your clients circumstances haven’t materially changed. Please see our New Build page for further information.

New Build page


Recent government announcements impacting valuations

We’re following the government guidance with regards to recent restrictions and national lockdowns announced across the UK.

Where we can we’ll try to complete a desktop valuation, but where this isn’t possible we can still carry out physical valuations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This will be subject to the following requirements:

  • The vendor/access is comfortable to have someone in the property
  • The surveyor is comfortable to attend the property
  • A risk and safety assessment can be completed
  • The estate agent is available to grant access (where applicable)

If we're unable to complete a physical inspection, the valuation will be placed on hold until we're able to.


  • We’re continuing to assess and sign off cases using automated and desktop valuations where possible.
  • Cases are currently being booked in for desktop assessment, or physical valuation within 10 working days.
  • As valuations are booked in, you’ll receive a notification of the appointment date in the standard way. This will normally be the date the property is due to be initially assessed for a desktop valuation.
  • If a desktop valuation is unable to be completed, the case will be passed to be booked for a physical valuation and you'll receive an additional booking date.

Valuation enquiries:

  • Where we’re unable to make contact with the applicant/vendor to arrange a booking date for a physical valuation, we’ll either leave a message or send a text to the applicant or vendor/estate agent. Before calling us regarding valuations please:
    • Contact the person or office whose details you provided for access to the property and ask them to respond to any messages
    • Check the access details and let us know if there is an alternative number to call. If there are changes to access details, please email us at Panel.Maintenance@nationwide.co.uk quoting the application number, first line of address and postcode.
    • Please ensure you advise us of any material changes to your clients’ circumstances, e.g. changes to income. If there are any changes, please call us on 0345 730 20 11.

Protecting the interests and safety of our customers

Valuers are able to carry out physical inspections of all properties in the UK, although this may not always be possible in areas of extended lockdown.

Whilst we’ll endeavour to carry out a physical inspection, our number one priority remains the safety of our customers, employees and valuers. Where a physical valuation is required, valuers will need to carry out a detailed government safety assessment with the customer to ensure the requirements can be met and to reassure them around the process and the safety measures that will be put in place.

We also understand that some customers won’t be comfortable letting a valuer into their property at this time, or whose health situation means this isn’t an option. Where this is the case, we’ll place the valuation back on hold and you’ll need to notify us when your client is ready to proceed.

A physical valuation may also be dependent on other factors, such as the ability to gain keys from Estate Agents.

Desktop assessments and external valuations

  • Where possible, valuers may look to visit the property but carry out an ‘external only’ assessment. The valuer will still carry out a safety assessment with the customer beforehand to ensure requirements are met and explain the process to ensure the customer is comfortable to proceed.
  • Where the valuer lacks sufficient information for a valuation but believes photos of the property may help, they’ll request them from the applicant/vendor. The photos can be sent via a web based tool using a secure upload and full support will be provided by telephone and email to talk them through the process.
  • Where a desktop or external assessment of the property isn’t suitable, the valuation will be moved to a physical internal inspection and you’ll be notified of an updated booking date accordingly (subject to a successful risk and safety assessment).

Homebuyer Reports and Full Building Surveys

We’re able to carry out Homebuyer Reports and Full Building Surveys (subject to a successful risk and safety assessment). They'll be booked and carried out in line with SLAs.

New Build

Valuers can visit New Build sites which are open and where they can adhere to government safety guidelines. We’ll initially attempt to complete a desktop valuation where the site has been visited in the last 12 weeks. If the valuer has not received a Disclosure Form prior to the date booked in for their desktop assessment, the valuation will be rebooked for a later date.

Stamp duty and UK Finance Disclosure forms

The UK Government announced an increase in stamp duty exemption effective from 8 July. The Scottish and Welsh Governments announced a rise to the threshold for Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and Land Transaction Tax (LTT) effective from 15 July and 27 July respectively.

Where stamp duty, LBTT or LTT is no longer payable (or the tax liability is reduced) and a New Build developer restructures the financial incentives on the UK Finance Disclosure form (i.e. offers the seller a different type), we're taking the following temporary approach:

  • For valuations carried out before 8 July (15 July in Scotland and 27 July in Wales), we'll accept any subsequent restructuring of the financial incentive (from stamp duty to a different type of incentive) on the UK Finance Disclosure form (DIF), and we won’t require a new form to be submitted. Conveyancers receive a copy of the valuation report on New Build properties, so they'll know when the inspection/report was carried out.

This is only a temporary process and for valuations carried out after the dates above, our policy on financial incentives is unchanged. Visit our New Build criteria for more information

Remember, the total amount of financial incentives must not exceed the maximum acceptable limit.

Cancel mortgage application 

If your application is a New Purchase or Remortgage, you can cancel the case through NFI Online. Once you're on 'Case Home', Click 'Amend Case' and follow the on screen guidance.

If your case is not a New Purchase or Remortgage and you wish to cancel the application, please contact us.

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