Family Deposit Mortgage - Terms & Conditions

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Check our Family Deposit Mortgage definitions, including Family member, Helper and Buyer

  • Family members are classified as being a spouse, civil partner, parent, brother, sister, child, grandparent, grandchild or someone whose relationship has the characteristics of a family relationship.
  • For the Helper to be eligible for this product, the Buyer must be purchasing their main residential property with a Nationwide mortgage.
  • The Buyer must obtain a valid Decision in Principle (DIP) with Nationwide and provide a copy to the Helper.
  • The Helper will need to provide you with a copy of the Buyer’s valid DIP before you can submit the Full Mortgage Application. The DIP will be used for validation purposes only.
  • The Helper must be remortgaging with capital raising from our Family Deposit Mortgage range.
  • The additional funds raised by the Helper through the Family Deposit Mortgage must be wholly gifted and can’t be loaned to the Buyer.
  • We may amend or withdraw the Family Deposit Mortgage range at any time and without notice.
  • In addition to our standard mortgage eligibility, the following also applies:

  • All of the additional funds raised through the Family Deposit Mortgage must be gifted towards the Buyer’s Nationwide mortgage and can’t be used for any other purposes.
  • The maximum LTV for the Helper is 80% (Remortgage with capital raising or capital raise on a mortgage free property). This is set by the additional borrowing purpose.
  • Transactions for the Helper and Buyer will be carried out separately.
  • The Buyer can select any product from the standard mortgage range, subject to the usual criteria and affordability requirements.
  • Standard gifted deposit policy rules will apply and the Buyer will need to complete and submit a Gifted Deposit form.