Genuine Bargain Price

Genuine Bargain Price is where the property is knowingly being purchased by your client below the market value. The purchase can't be part of a recognised scheme such as Right to Buy or Shared Ownership.

Acceptable scenarios

  • Interfamily sale (buying from a relative)
  • Employee buying from their employer
  • Private tenant buying from their landlord

Lending terms

  • The discount must be a gift, not a loan, and there must be no conditions attached to it.
  • A deposit is not required unless the loan exceeds our maximum LTV.
  • LTV is calculated using the open market value with a maximum of 90%.
  • Applications can be submitted via NFI Online, the ownership type selected should be ‘Genuine Bargain Price’.
  • If the current owner of the property will continue to live in the property after completion of the sale to the mortgage applicant, this constitutes a lifetime tenancy situation. A Lifetime Tenancy situation that exists before or after completion will be unacceptable.