We’re legally obliged to assess the value of a property for mortgage purposes, which may not always involve a physical inspection of the property. We won’t release a copy of the valuation report unless circumstances justify us doing so. Your clients are strongly advised to obtain their own report on the condition and value of the property, based on a fuller inspection, such as a Homebuyers Report or Full Building Survey (see more details below).

Property decision at DIP and Automated Valuations

We'll request your client's security information as part of the DIP. Where this information has been provided, we'll look to complete an automated valuation (AVM) as part of the Decision in Principle. Where the AVM is able to successfully value a property at the purchase price (or your clients estimated value) and it passes our criteria, we'll provide approval on your client's property and (subject to no further changes) no further valuation will be required.

Where the AVM provides a value lower than the purchase price (or your client's estimated value), we'll request a Mortgage Valuation Report (See Mortgage Valuation Report section below), which will involve a physical inspection on the property.

In some cases, we'll have enough information on the property at DIP to make a decision that we wouldn't be prepared to lend, for example if the property is in a known flood area. In these cases, you'll be advised on the Decision in Principle results screen. If your client decides to purchase a different property you'll be able to revisit the DIP and amend this. If you want to challenge the property decision you can use the DIP property decline form. Please complete the form along with appropriate evidence/a valid reason for your challenge to be considered.

It's not possible to complete an AVM on properties in Scotland, Northern Ireland or for any New Build properties.

AVMs will expire in line with the Decision in Principle, at which point a new valuation will need to be obtained.

Mortgage Valuation Report

Nationwide doesn't charge for the Mortgage Valuation Report. The report will involve a physical inspection of the property for mortgage purposes only. It may not reveal serious defects and there may be important inaccuracies or omissions. It's not a Structural or Building Survey Report.

A valuation report is only valid for 90 days, after which a new valuation will be required with a further appointment to view the property.

Homebuyer report

A Homebuyer report involves a more extensive inspection and provides more detailed information for applicants on the condition of the property.

The valuer will obtain an authority to undertake the Homebuyer report direct from the applicants.

A Homebuyer report may be unsuitable for some older or large properties, but the valuer will inform the applicants if this is the case.

The report will provide the applicants with a concise report on the state of repair and condition of the property, together with an opinion of its open market value. The applicants will also be advised as to whether the agreed purchase price is realistic in all the circumstances.

Major defects noted in the building will be listed in general terms, with recommendations which may involve seeking specialist services. The report won't list every minor defect observed and it must be emphasised that it isn't a structural or building survey. The valuer will forward the report direct to the applicants.

We don't need to see the Homebuyer report as we'll obtain a separate Mortgage Valuation report usually from the same valuer.

View our Homebuyer report fees

Full building surveys

Recommended when purchasing an older, altered or run-down property, or if major works are planned. This comprehensive report includes detailed information on:

  • The fabric and condition of the property with a diagnosis of defects and repairs and maintenance advice
  • Visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden defects
  • Repair options including details on the risk of ignoring them.

If your client would like a Full Building Survey

  • They can contact us on 0800 464 3028 and we’ll give them the contact number of the valuation firm who’ll be carrying out the Mortgage Valuation Report (MVR).
  • It’s important your client calls us as soon as possible after the case has been submitted, as they’ll need to contact the valuation firm before they carry out the MVR and arrange for them to do the Full Building Survey at the same time. Where the valuation firm isn’t contacted in time, and they need to make another visit to the property to carry out the Full Building Survey, your client may be quoted a higher fee than listed below.
  • Your client will need to pay the Full Building Survey fee direct to the valuation firm.
  • Alternatively, your client is free to approach a different company to get a Full Building Survey quote.

View our Full Building Survey fees

You're not required to enter any notes regarding the building survey on NFI Online. For full details of what is included in a HomeBuyer Report and Building Survey, you can download a free guide from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors at

New build valuations

Please visit our dedicated New build page for information.

Home Reports in Scotland - Single Surveys

From 1 December 2008, all vendors of a residential property in Scotland must provide potential purchasers with a copy of a Home Report Pack which will contain a Single Survey, Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. A generic Mortgage Valuation report will also be included.


From 1 February 2010 the only transcriptions accepted are those arranged under the Scottish Home Report (single survey) process for purchase mortgages introduced in December 2008. Transcriptions aren't accepted for remortgage applications and those relating to new build properties.

For acceptance of these transcriptions the following points apply:

  • The valuer providing the transcription must be the individual who prepared the original Home Report or inspected the new property.
  • The firm employing the valuer must be on the Nationwide panel.
  • The valuation figure cannot be older than 90 days from the date of inspection.
  • Where the valuation figure is a result of a 'refresh' of the original Home Report, it must be based on an internal/external inspection that has taken place within the last 90 days.

The transcript will only contain the same information and valuation figure as the Single Survey. A valuer may however, at the request of the seller, update ("refresh") the report which could result in changes, including the valuation figure. To refresh a report the valuer must re-inspect the property.

Nationwide will instruct valuers to forward transcripts only if they have inspected (or re-inspected) the property within 3 months from receipt of our instructions.

Instructing valuations

  • Where a Single Survey has been prepared by a panel valuer, request a transcription via NFI Online or MTE in the usual way.
  • If the valuer isn't on our panel the transcript request will be rejected by Countrywide surveyors.
  • If when the instruction is received, a transcript cannot be issued, the request will be rejected by Countrywide surveyors.

Where a transcription cannot be provided we'll let you know and we'll arrange a standard valuation.

Exempt properties

The following properties are exempt from the requirement to have a Home Report Pack and will not therefore require a Single Survey:

  • New and newly converted properties that are to be occupied as residential units for the first time.
  • Properties already being marketed before 1 December 2008.
  • There are no changes to the processing of these applications.

Scottish Valuation Instructions

Home Report
Private/Self Instruction
Nationwide to Instruct
New Build Purchase
yes (compulsory)
Nationwide must instruct the valuation in all new build cases even if there is a valuation available for a transcription.
Non Open Market Sale - Private/Family Sale/Right to buy etc
yes (compulsory)
Nationwide must instruct the valuation in these cases even if there is a home report transcript or self instructed transcript available.
yes (compulsory)
For all remortgages Nationwide must instruct the valuation. There are no circumstances where Nationwide will accept a home report transcript or self instructed valuation for remortgages.
2nd Hand Purchase - Open Market Sale
yes (optional)

Transcripts of home reports are acceptable for open market purchases providing the surveyor is on Nationwide's panel. If the surveyor who prepared the original home report is not on Nationwide's panel then Nationwide must instruct the valuation.

The original home report must have been carried out prior to the date of the mortgage application. It is acceptable, however, for any refresh which may be required to be dated after the mortgage application.

Transcripts are not acceptable where the transaction is not an open market purchase (e.g. private sale/family sale/right to buy) even if there is a home report in existence. Please see further home report notes above.

Valuation appeals

If you or your client wish to appeal the valuation figure, it’s important to contact us before submitting the appeal. We'll discuss the specific circumstances of the case and let you know the information we need to consider the appeal. This will include:

  • Two (preferably three) suitable comparable sales - each must be comparable by type, size and location, and include information such as date of sale and selling agent details.
  • Supporting commentary - clearly explaining why the valuation is considered incorrect.

Important information:

  • Any appeals received with missing information, or which don’t meet the necessary requirements are likely to be dismissed.
  • Valuations can only be appealed within 7 working days of you or your client being made aware of the valuation outcome.
  • We’ll respond to the appeal within 7 working days. The response will be the final outcome and the valuation can’t be appealed again.

Once you’ve contacted us, you can submit your appeal to

Switcher valuation appeals

If you or your client wish to appeal the property valuation figure returned by NFI Online as a part of a rate switch application, please complete the Rate Switch Valuation Appeal Form and email this to